Campus Libre


Campus Libre is my first iOS & Android app. I created the business while graduating from college to help students save money on textbooks. I led the iOS, front end web development, and design efforts, and recruited college classmates to assist with back end development and marketing.

Project Info

Team: Solo iOS Developer & Designer, 3 person team of web & backend developers

Time: June. - Aug. 2011


  • Automatically fetched textbook information from difficult-to-navigate university websites
  • Found the lowest prices available from online bookstores
  • Facilitated student-to-student transactions through classified ad style listings
  • Made over $1,000 in affiliate revenues in our first week of operation

Technical Specs

  • Native iOS & Android apps, website.
  • Use camera to scan bar codes & automatically look up books
  • Python HTML web scraper
  • Node.js & MongoDB web API