Sweaty Bird 2017

A location-enhanced Apple Watch workout app that gives you more customizabilty and faster performance than the stock Workout app. More Info

Parker 2015

Automatically remembers where your car is parked, and alerts you before you get a ticket. More Info

SH|FT 2015

A 10 player party game for the Apple TV, controlled by aiming, shaking, and tapping your iOS devices. More Info

Healthy Habits 2014

Get automatic alerts to take a short break after extended periods of computer use. More Info

Campus Libre 2011

Save money on college textbooks! More Info

Descript 2018 - present

Full-Stack Developer

Available at https://www.descript.com

Descript spun out of Detour after its acquisition by Bose.


My responsibilities stretch across all of Descript's tech stack:

  • Web & desktop app (Windows & Mac OS) written in TypeScript, using React & Electron
  • Audio & video media engine library written in C++ using GStreamer. Cross platform, runs on Linux, Windows & Mac OS
  • Node.js backend written in Hapi

Detour 2016 - 2018

iOS / Full-Stack Developer

Acquired by Bose Corporation in April, 2018

Accolades: App Store Best of 2016, Apple Editors’ Choice, App of the Day (1/15/18)

Originally hired as an iOS engineer, I grew to take on projects across Detour's entire technical stack.

Product & User-facing features
  • Created the deferred deep linking program that allowed us to partner with various companies (Airbnb, SFMOMA, Nike)
  • Prototype algorithmic video generation incorporating user generated content (photos and location tags)
  • Built system allowing for sophisticated push notification & email campaign strategies while respecting user privacy
  • Supported our Android contractor in building features & releasing the first version of the Android app
  • Maintained the build & fixed bugs until we hired a full time Android developer
  • Worked with my engineering manager to develop the 2nd version of our API using Hapi (Node.js)
  • Helped establish the architecture, best practices, and unit test framework
  • Led or participated in architecting a more scalable backend
Data & Analytics
  • Worked with my engineering manager to add analytics to the pipeline
  • Wrote the project's technical documentation
  • Built a reporting endpoint that partners could query to access their data
  • Took ownership of the ETL pipeline and worked to reduce costs by over 2/3
  • Automated iOS build & TestFlight process using Fastlane
  • Created our Heroku build pipelines, improved error reporting & availability monitoring, and worked to reduce cost
  • Worked closely with our first QA engineer to establish a QA process
  • Added features and fixed bugs on our React + Redux websites (both user-facing website and internal CMS website)

My projects varied depending on the needs of the company, but were roughly 80% iOS, 15% API, 2.5% Android, 2.5% Web

General Assembly 2016 - present

Part-time iOS Teacher

I was a teaching assistant for the first nightly iOS Development class in General Assembly's San Francisco office. Responsibilities included helping students during class, holding office hours twice a week, replying to student questions on Slack throughout the week, and grading homework. Additionally, since this was the first class, I also worked with the other teachers to improve the curriculum for future classes. Since then, I have stayed involved in the community by being a substitute teaching assistant and mentor for various students.

String Theory 2015

Lead iOS Developer

I initially worked as a part-time freelancer for String Theory prior to becoming the full-time lead developer. I mentored 4 junior team members, led architecture discussions, and transitioned the app from a prototype into a production app.


Available on the App Store

  • Rewrote networking & Core Data layers to drastically speed up data sync operations (reduced 2 minute operation to 1 second). More info on Medium.
  • Refactored video playback to be able to play from any starting point in the video sequence, rather than downloading the whole sequence up front
  • Implemented switching between front & rear camera while recording, without dropping audio
  • Implemented live video filtering
  • Built a continuous integration system. More info on Medium
  • Frameworks used: AVFoundation, CoreData, CoreImage, GLKit

IDEO 2014

Lead iOS Developer

I worked as the lead developer in the IDEO Toy Lab. I was responsible for building new apps, maintaining existing apps, managing contractors, and mentoring interns. Below are some of the apps that I worked on.

Spark Camera

Available on the App Store

Accolades: App Store Best of 2013, Apple Editors’ Choice

  • Supported existing codebase
  • Implemented audio & music editing features
  • Core Data fixes
  • Various bug fixes
  • iOS 8 support

Elmo Calls

Available on the App Store

Accolades: #1 App in Kids category

  • Refactored networking & in-app purchase layer
  • Managed & code-reviewed contractors
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Provided UX feedback

Magic Hat

  • Solo developer
  • 100% Swift (started from Swift day 1)
  • Children’s creativity app
  • Dynamically creates a creature to play with
  • Uses Apple's SpriteKit engine

OpenTable 2013-2014

iOS Developer

I was the second hire for the new GuestCenter team. Working closely with designers, product managers, and customers, we built the GuestCenter app from an idea to a live product.


Available on the App Store

  • 3 developer team
  • Optimized Core Data query to search through 500k text records without missing a user's keystroke
  • Phone number as-you-type formatting & validation
  • App is fully functional in offline mode
  • Introduced Auto Layout & UICollectionView after WWDC
  • Localization
  • Profile with Instruments & optimize any problem areas

Mobiquity 2011-2013

iOS Developer

I worked as an iOS developer on various client projects, spending the majority of my time on the Weight Watchers team.

Weight Watchers

Available on the App Store

  • 3 developer team
  • Push notifications, custom payload processing
  • Camera & photo-editing support
  • Social network integrations



I write about design and development topics here on Medium.


Electron & libuv

Led a team of 2 other developers to fix a major performance issue in libuv & Electron that affected macOS Big Sur.

Vapor Documentation

Improved the Vapor technical documentation


Added Swift 4 support

Self Published

Xcode Build Tagger August 2015

A Ruby gem to assist versioning and git tagging your Xcode builds. Read the article about it here.

PATchwork Layout March 2014

A UICollectionViewLayout subclass that creates a patchwork style grid.

Facebook Test Users Utility July 2013

A Node.js utility to create, read, update, and delete Facebook test users for your Facebook application.

My resume is available here.