Sweaty Bird


Sweaty Bird is an Apple Watch workout app that gives you more customizabilty and faster performance than the stock Workout app.

Project Info

Available on the App Store

Team: Solo developer & UX designer. Contracted with graphic designer for sticker designs.

Time: Summer 2016


  • Over 60 workouts & activity types supported by HealthKit to choose from!
  • Customize your Apple Watch to show only the workouts you care about!
  • Tell us where you like to work out and Sweaty Bird will remind you to track when you arrive. Simply tap the notification on your iPhone or Apple Watch to start your workout - no need to even open the app!
  • Forgot to stop your workout? We'll remind you if you leave your workout zone with a workout still running.
  • Fully integrated with Apple Health, so you can fill your activity rings and view your workouts in the Activity and Health apps!
  • Had a great workout? Stamp your workout stats on a penguin sticker!
  • Add our complication to your watch face, or add Sweaty Bird to your Apple Watch dock to start your workouts even faster!

App Technical Specs

  • Platforms: iOS, watchOS, iMessage Extension
  • 100% Swift
  • Frameworks: CoreLocation, CoreMotion, HealthKit, StoreKit, MapKit, UserNotifications