SH|FT is a multiplayer party game for Apple TV. 10 players can join using their iOS devices and compete head-to-head in over a dozen minigames.

It is the first iPhone-controlled TV game to feature multiple different control schemes, including Wii-style aiming.

Project Info

Available on the App Store

Team: Solo developer, co-designer

Time: Sep. - Dec. 2015


  • Use your iOS device to control the action on the TV
  • Supports up to 10 simultaneous players
  • 12 different minigames
  • 3 different control schemes, including natural-motion aiming, shaking, and touch input
  • Create your character on the iOS app, control it on the TV

App Technical Specs

  • Platforms: iOS (Universal), tvOS
  • 100% Swift
  • Bonjour, TCP & UDP socket networking
  • Localized to 7 languages
  • In-app purchase support to purchase more minigames
  • Allows players to quit & rejoin at any time, even mid-game